freeradius on ldap: too many info let me puzzled

Alessandro Dentella sandro at
Wed Sep 17 18:33:07 CEST 2014


I'm trying to configure freeradius to authenticate on ldap used by
samba (i.e. with sambaLmPassword/sambaNmPassword fields as well as

I read many docs but could not end up with a solution.

Freeradius runs on Debian Wheeze and is rel 2.1.12.
I arrived to the pont that radtest authenticate my account but winXP
won't (but will authenticate a user  with Cleartext password in 'users' file).

The main doubt I have are on Auth-Type.
reading [1] and many other I see suggested:

DEFAULT         Auth-Type := LDAP
                Fall-Through = 1

Thought [1] and [2] warn that that only works when supplicant provides
a User-Password attribute.

I also tried to comment out the DEFAULT Auth-Type w/o success.

I tried on the wiki the bounces here [3] but it refers explicitly to
version 3.

I woudl really appreciate a hint, maybe the "final" howto or just an
explanation on which settings should I use.



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