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Dear Friends,As suggested I went through the code of freeradius thoroughly and developed a reasonable understanding of the same. Now I want to do a practical exercise:Using radclient I want to create and send a dummy request to user module in order to take it's statistics.I would like to store username & password in a file.Please tell me what all steps do I have to perform in order to test the above scenario. Meaning which all files do I have to modify and how to perform the testing.Thanks in advance.Sonu
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> Fine I will go through the code thoroughly now.

Good luck. As Alan said, if you have a specific need to modify the code then tell us 

what it is and we can advise you on the best way to achieve what you want.

> One question that I have is how AVPs (Attribute Value Pairs) are stored in memory in freeradius.


They're stored in the above structure, and alloced on the heap at run time.

They're parented from either the REQUEST struct, or from a RADIUS_PACKET struct

to ensure they're cleaned up when the REQUEST is freed.

Fixed length values are stored in the value_data_t union, octets, text and tlv

attributes have dynamically allocated buffers parented off the VALUE_PAIR.

These buffers are pointed to by the value_data_t union.

VALUE_PAIRs are always allocated with pairalloc, and are freed using talloc_free

or pairfree (if you need to free a linked list of AVPs).

The vendor, number and type of attributes are in the DICT_ATTR struct. These are

usually allocated on startup when reading the config and dictionaries. The da

field of the VALUE_PAIR struct points to a DICT_ATTR struct.

VALUE_PAIR (text, octets, tlv) buffers should be considered immutable. If a new

value needs to be assigned, the old buffer is freed and a new one allocated.

talloc_free performs all necessary cleanup for VALUE_PAIRs.


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