3.0.4: proxy-to-vserver and proxied post-auth?

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at restena.lu
Mon Sep 22 10:24:35 CEST 2014


I've migrated almost all my virtual servers - but one - to 3.0.4.

There's one thing which I had expected to work, but it doesn't, but I do
recall some discussions around this on the list; but not what the final
verdict was.

My proxied-to vserver needs to do some stuff in post-auth. However it
looks like post-auth is not actually called; instead, only the post-auth
of the original vserver is.

Is that desired/expected behaviour in 3.0.4?

The symptoms of this boils down to these two lines:

Debug: (55) modsingle[authenticate]: returned from pap (rlm_pap) for
request 55
Debug: (55)   [pap] = ok
Debug: (55)  } # Auth-Type PAP = ok
Debug: (55) Empty post-proxy section.  Using default return values.
Debug: (55) Found Auth-Type = Accept
Debug: (55) Auth-Type = Accept, accepting the user
Debug: (55) # Executing section post-auth from file

The PAP instance there is the one from the proxied-to vserver; must be,
as it knows my password and the retrieval of that password is unique to
the vserver in question.

The next line speaks about empty post-proxy; that looks like the initial
vserver kicks in right after authenticate { } with its PAP is finished.

It then executes post-auth from the initial vserver, not the one from
proxied-to (the proxied-to vserver is called "staff", not "AAI"). That's
not helpful for my setup :-(

So... just wondering if this is a bug or if I'm going to need a majorish
rethink of my post-auth logic here...


Stefan Winter

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de la Recherche
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