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Lovasoa Razaka zulzig at
Wed Sep 24 13:55:43 CEST 2014

Hello all.

I need helps with my setup.

Currently, i set up a freeradius server. I only use the next files:

My solution allow a host with a signed certificate to switch in a specific
VLAN (802.1X).
In my the users file.

I added a DEFAULT entry
DEFAULT Hint == "host/"
                                        Auth-Type := "EAP",
                                        Tunnel-type = "13",
                                        Tunnel-Medium-Type = "6",
                                         Fall-Through = Yes
DEFAULT Hint == "host/"
                                        Tunnel-Private-Group-ID = "100"
                                         Fall-Through = Yes

#DEFAULT Hint =="host/"
#                                     Tunnel-Private-Group-ID = "200"
#                                      Fall-Through = Yes

DEFAULT Hint == "host/"
                                         Auth-Type = "reject"

I would like to migrate this solution on a mysql database, but i didn't
understood, how i can use a default profil with Mysql.

is it the best way to do ? Or mysql is not useful for my solution.

thank a lot for your help
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