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Thu Sep 25 11:46:41 CEST 2014


Thank you for yesterday's suggestion.
I am able to run RADIUS server in debug mode.
I have few more queries.

When I send a request from IP:1645 port(gateway which acts as Radius
client) to Radius server, i get an error as
"request from unknown client IP.1645 ignored. I get reject message from
Message authenticator is not present in request under AVP attributes.

When I send Radius request from one host to another, request reaches server
and server will never respond to the same.
Message authenticate value is present.
I have set message_authenticator value to no in radiusd.conf

Why is the behavior different in these 2 case?
In both the cases I sniffed it on ubuntu PC where server is running. I am
sure request is reaching PC, but I am not sure if its hitting application.

Should I have my Radius user details in my sql table. If yes, can you
please tell me how do I do that. Can you please share the link. I am new to
freeradius and ubuntu as well.

Could you please help me in this regard.

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