How to send disconnect message to the NAS?

Xin knightluffy at
Sat Sep 27 13:22:19 CEST 2014

Hi Alan Dekok, 
I have fully read the document you specified. I see I can use "update coa"
section in order to send the disconnect packet, but my question is: the
traffic data are stored in MySQL, Can I write a SQL statement in
"originate-coa" file in order to get the user who has ran out of data and he
can send the disconnect message.

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Xin wrote:
> I think it may have a way to send the Disconnect Message to NAS when 
> FreeRadius server get the Accounting-Request message. But I don't know 
> how do I do.

  Read raddb/sites-available/originate-coa.

  This is documented.

  Alan DeKok.
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