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Mon Sep 29 12:47:31 CEST 2014


>    2. show <command> ----  What is command overhere?


show client <command> - do sub-command of client
show debug <command> - show debug properties
show home_server <command> - do sub-command of home_server
show module <command> - do sub-command of module
show uptime - shows time at which server started
show version - Prints version of the running server
show xml <reference> - Prints out configuration as XML

show home_server

show home_server config <ipaddr> <port> - show configuration for given home server
show home_server list - shows list of home servers
show home_server state <ipaddr> <port> - shows state of given home server

- the radmin tool does give you lots of help and 'man radmin' gives you information too


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