User authentication via FreeRadius

Mounir Boussedjra mounir.boussedjra at
Sat Apr 11 10:43:42 CEST 2015



First of all sorry for my English.

I have a WiFi infrastructure in which the user’s database are managed by
different Cisco ISE Radius.

I look to replace the ISE by a FreeRadius servers but before I need to
confirm if the Freeradius is able to use sequentially different database to
check the use’s crendentials.

I explains:

I my current configuration, the checks the user credentials locally (on the
internal database) and if the authentication fails the forwards the
credential to the second ISE.

This configuration seems possible if the Freeradius is configured as proxy
with the option *nostrip.*

However, in my configuration I have the user name without a domain.

My question is :

can i configure the freeradius to use sequentially different user’s
database for the authentication?

Thank you for your help.


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