What can be defined in sites-enable/a_site

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> On 14 Apr 2015, at 14:25, James Sumners <james.sumners at clayton.edu> wrote:
> On 2015-04-14 17:47:26 +0000, Arran Cudbard-Bell said:
>>> 1) I read the thread where someone was having an issue with rlm_memcached
>> * rlm_cache_memcached
>> There's no rlm_memcached.
>>> 2) I tried to investigate this module as I could be interested in using it
>> https://github.com/FreeRADIUS/freeradius-server/blob/v3.1.x/raddb/mods-available/cache#L40 There's inline documentation for the *two* specific memcached options.
>> For the first option, which specifies the server parameters there's a link to the memcached documentation which documents all the options that can be used.
>> There's complete and comprehensive documentation for the rlm_cache module as a whole, in the config file.
>> If you want some quick ideas on how to use rlm_cache there's a user contributed wiki page
>> 	http://wiki.freeradius.org/modules/Rlm_cache
>> -Arran
> Thank you. I was looking for a config file with "memcached" in the name.

It's a driver/sub-module. There's also rlm_cache_rbtree which uses an in memory red/black tree for cache entry indexing.

sub-modules don't typically have separate configs, because they don't have sufficient options to justify it.


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