DHCP-Hostname + module/dhcp

Jorge Pereira jpereiran at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 00:41:45 CEST 2015


    I have searched about the modules/dhcp and i know that don't have many
information about that... only
the example in [1] wasn't enough for understand and uses it.

btw, in my env i receive during "Access-Request" all packets sent from the
UE to my BRAS (Alcatel 7750) like
the packet below.

        Alc-ToServer-Dhcp-Options = 0x350103
        Alc-ToServer-Dhcp-Options = 0x37090103060f775ffc2c2e
        Alc-ToServer-Dhcp-Options = 0x390205dc
        Alc-ToServer-Dhcp-Options = 0x3d0701facafaca0002
        Alc-ToServer-Dhcp-Options = 0x3204c0a87b0b
        Alc-ToServer-Dhcp-Options = 0x3604c0a87bfe
        Alc-ToServer-Dhcp-Options = 0x0c0d4a6f7267652d50657265697261

the point is: someone here could give me some suggestion about the best way
to parse this informations?
e.g: The last item is the "hostname" of client (0x0c=12 as described in the

Maybe the module can't be the best solution for this and thinking something
like a foreach() the list and fill in
the fields. in this case DHCP-Hostname.... it's possible? someone have

[1] http://freeradius.org/features/dhcp.html
[2] https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2132.txt - section 3.14

warm regards,
Jorge Pereira

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