Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Apr 17 15:43:35 CEST 2015

  We've been working behind the scenes to create more documentation for the server.  Every new version from 3.0.7 onwards will have new documentation added to the site  Documentation for the old versions will be archived, but not updated.

  We've added some more documentation for 3.0.8.  More modules are there, and we've expanded / updated the documentation for the existing modules.

  I've also updated the main page on  Apparently the "documentation" tab in the page header was hard to find.  I've added a section called "Documentation", and written text pointing to the various things available.  Since the largest complaint is about concepts, the first link is to the technical guide available from Network RADIUS.  I've also added links to "unlang" keywords, and to documentation for each module.

  The documentation for each module describes what the module does, which processing sections it can be used in, what values it returns, along with the configuration items it takes.  It also points to the default configuration on github, for people who want worked examples.  Many modules also include short examples in their documentation page.

  Astute readers will note that much of the new documentation is on the commercial site.  The reality is that it takes months of effort and professional copy editing to get high-quality documentation.  That investment was done by Network RADIUS, so that's where the documentation resides.

  The FreeRADIUS wiki is still available.  It contains many "how to" guides, which serve a different purpose from the detailed configuration documentation.

  The wiki will continue to exist, and we will still accept any and all useful patches for documentation updates.  However, the *detailed* documentation on unlang, modules, string expansions, debugging guides, etc. will only be on the commercial side.  As head of Network RADIUS, I'm investing not only in developing more code for the server, I'm also investing in documentation for it, too.

  The commercial documentation is available for free, and will always be free.  It's one more contribution I can make to the community.

  Alan DeKok.

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