how to setup MAC based authentication with LDAP

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Tue Apr 21 23:00:18 CEST 2015

On Fri, 2015-04-17 at 15:19 +0000, Stefan Paetow wrote:
> > I googled for radtest and Calling-Station-Id and found a Ubuntu man page
> > that had -g for it.  I know sometimes distros have different functions in
> Ahh, this one: 
> - This is provided by yardradius, not FreeRADIUS. 
> FreeRADIUS ships with a radtest utility of its own.
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so, some success and some more confusion.

i have a virtual server
configured, /etc/raddb/sites-available/mac-auth-bypass.  when i link
that file into /etc/raddb/sites-enabled and run radiusd -X, i am able to
do some rudimentary Mac Auth Bypassing.  if the mac is in the directory,
the access is granted.  but i need clarification around a couple of

first, i am trying to have the directory reply with some items for VLAN
assignment.  the below attributes are set for the mac i am testing with:

radiusservicetype: Framed-User
radiustunnelmediumtype: IEEE-802
radiustunnelprivategroupid: 1
radiustunneltype: VLAN

i can only assume that because of the rudimentary state of my virtual
server, the items are not being acted upon or given out by the virtual
server.  a plain ldapsearch returns these items.  i assume there is a
piece i am missing, to have this done.  where do i find more about what
piece i am missing?

second, when the virtual server is enabled, the authentication that i do
to log into a switch does not work.  if i disable the virtual server the
auth works again.  how do i setup things so that both user auth and mac
auth bypass work at the same time?

mac-auth-bypass virtual server:

server mac-auth-bypass {

listen {
	ipaddr = *
	port = 0
	type = auth

listen {
	ipaddr = *
	port = 0
	type = acct

authorize {
	if (EAP-Message) {
		#use colons (:), not dashes(-), for ldap lookups
		if ("%{ldap:ldap:///ou=DHCP\ SubClasses,cn=DHCP\
%{Calling-Station-Id}))}") {
			# in the future, assign to VLAN_Y
			update control {
				Auth-Type := Accept
		else {
			# in the future, assign to VLAN_Z
			update control {
				Auth-Type := Reject
	else {
		# in the future, 802.1x stuff
		update control {
			control:Auth-Type := ldap
			#Auth-Type := Reject

authenticate {
	Auth-Type ldap {


my switch (cisco sg500) will identify that a client does not support .1x
and will provide the mac address as the username and password in an EAP
message.  because it is an EAP message, i can leverage the
Calling-Station-Id attribute, and distinguish user auth vs. mac auth
bypass with the "if (EAP-Message)" statement.

i assume the mods-available/ldap file is not appropriate for this logic,
as i tried to add an authorize section to it and i got an error saying
that was not an appropriate place for an "if" statement.

ultimately, i am looking to have user auth, mac auth bypass and full .1x
work side-by-side-by-side, and this is an interim step.  i am not sure
how to get user auth and mac auth bypass working at the same time, when
both are intended to use ldap for lookups.

any pointers are appreciated.


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