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Wed Apr 22 11:35:25 CEST 2015

> On 22 Apr 2015, at 09:01, KL Forwarder <kl.forwarder at> wrote:
> Thanks so far, your help on this list is really good.
> I have been looking further into what my server is telling freeradius.
> I hope you can tell me what the setting needs to be if I am getting
> these replies back. The ldapsearch I did uses the same credentials I
> am using in the sites-enabled/ldap file.
> Ldapsearch output (|grep userPass):
> ============================================================
> userPassword:: e1NTSEF9Tk5***************************************ka0E9PQ=
> ============================================================

That doesn't mean it looks like that on the wire, or is what FreeRADIUS receives, it's just how ldapsearch has chosen to display the value.

> Tcpdump output when I do a radtest to my running radiusd -X:
> ============================================================
> 09:31:40.232376 IP auth1.companyname.local.ldap >
> auth1.companyname.local.40106: Flags [P.], seq 217:419, ack 203, win
> 342, options [nop,nop,TS val 1722796161 ecr 1722796160], length 202
> E....t at .@...
> . at .
> . at ......:...N#T...V.......
> f...f...0:...d5.1uid=klutest,cn=users,cn=compat,dc=companyname,dc=local0.0~...dy.3uid=klutest,cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=companyname,dc=local0B0 at ..userPassword10..{SSHA}NNYM5G7*************************YzNEdkA==0....e.
> ......

That's not very helpful. We'd need the hex output at least (each of those dots is an unprintable char), or preferably a pcap file (you can send that to me directly if you prefer).

> ============================================================
> Settings:
> ============================================================
>  update {
>   control:Password-With-Header  += 'userPassword'
> #   control:NT-Password   := 'ntPassword'
> #   reply:Reply-Message   := 'radiusReplyMessage'
> #   reply:Tunnel-Type   := 'radiusTunnelType'
> #   reply:Tunnel-Medium-Type  := 'radiusTunnelMediumType'
> #   reply:Tunnel-Private-Group-ID := 'radiusTunnelPrivategroupId'
>          }
> ============================================================

Those are correct.

> I noticed that ldapsearch is giving back the userPassword attribute
> after two (!) colons instead of one. Maybe this is a hint? I searched
> and this would mean that it is a base64 encoded value.

It's displaying a base64 encoded value, it's likely not stored that way in the directory, and as you can see, on the wire, it's the raw value.

> I hope
> freeradius picks this up?

PAP can convert from base64 values, but it won't be receiving one in this case.

> If you (or anyone else) can tell me what settings I need to pick this
> up, that would be great. The log output is below.

Could you remind us what directory server you're using again?


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