attr_filter rule evaluation

Gerald Vogt vogt at
Wed Apr 22 13:19:48 CEST 2015


>From the documentation I find it a little bit confusing how filter rules
work exactly.

The manual page rlm_attr_filter says:

"The rules for each entry are parsed to top to bottom, and an attribute
must pass *all* the rules which affect it in order to make it past the

The post-proxy file contains this:

        Service-Type == Framed-User,
        Service-Type == Login-User,
        Login-Service == Telnet,
        Login-Service == Rlogin,
        Login-Service == TCP-Clear,
        Login-TCP-Port <= 65536,

But if it has to pass all the rules doesn't that mean that Service-Type
and Login-Service are basically always filtered out because, for
instance, for a single valued Service-Type attribute either the first or
second rule will always fail. And as there is always one rule failing it
will never make it past the filter.



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