Authenticating users on LDAP based on Group name

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Apr 23 22:57:58 CEST 2015

On Apr 23, 2015, at 4:24 PM, Jose Torres-Berrocal <jetsystemservices at> wrote:
> I think one coffusion is that Radius has a setting called Groupname
> attribute.

  FreeRADIUS has an LDAP-Group attribute.  Is that what you mean?

>  I am talking about the Group name in Active Directory as Domain
> Admins, Administrators, etc.  Let say that the AD/LDAP groups are called
> Wingroups, and Wingroup name is for instance Domain Admins.  In my case I
> want to use the Wingroup InternetAccess.

  Please don't invent new terminology.  That makes it more confusing.

  FreeRADIUS uses LDAP-Group to check.... groups in LDAP.  In your case, AD.  That should be clear.

> I do not know how to make aside the conffusion on Authorization and
> Authentication, but let say that Authentication is having a process where
> the username/password combination values that are received in the
> connection request is verified against the LDAP and if found it is say to
> be Authenticated succesfully otherwise failed.

  Don't re-define existing terminology.  Authentication is where users are authenticated.

  And no, their connection request is not verified against LDAP.  You're again using vague and imprecise terminology.  Please stop.

>  I know there are other
> types of Authentications but I want to keep it simple.  Now, Authorization
> is the process to allow or denied the request to connect.  I now there are
> branches to this, but for simplicity I would like to keep it in that.

  Requests don't connect.  Users connect.  This difference MATTERS.

> Then, I want to allow connection to requests that have a username/password
> combination authenticated succesfully against an LDAP (Windows AD) and
> which user belongs to Wingroup InternetAccess.

  This is really the first simple explanation I've seen.  It shouldn't be that hard to do, to be honest.

> I have being succesfull allowing connection by username/password or by the
> user belonging to Wingroup, but not at the same time.  Those are the debugs
> I already sent you.

  There's hundreds of lines of output, but it's not clear what you want.  So... it's hard to say what's going wrong in the debug output.

> When I set the Group name attribute, groupmembership_filter and
> groupmembership_attribute (Which is what I call using group options)

  Again, you're inventing terminology.  Stop it.  You're confusing yourself, and making the problem worse.  MUCH worse.
> I am
> succesfull allowing/denied connection by the user belonging to the
> Wingroup, but it currently ignores the password.

  Well, no.  You didn't do what you said.  Instead, you checked for the group, and if the user was in the group, you set Auth-Type := Accept.  That's a bit different.

>  When I comment the Group
> name attribute, groupmembership_attribute, etc (Which is what I call not
> using group options), I am succesfull allowing/denied connection by the
> username/password, but clearly does not work with the Wingroup.

  So... when you don't check groups, it doesn't do group checking?  That's not a surprise.

> I have being playing with the Users.conf file and I think is really close
> for what I need, not sure if it is the correct way

  It's not a "users.conf" file.  Again, you're inventing terminology.

  What do I need to do in order to convince you that your entire approach is wrong?  That inventing things, and changing the meaning of existing words is a PROBLEM?

  Don't do it.  Just... don't.

> ====================================================
> /usr/pbi/freeradius-i386/etc/raddb/users
> "test" Cleartext-Password := "squidtest"
> DEFAULT Ldap-Group != "InternetAccess", Auth-Type := Reject
> Ldap-Group == "InternetAccess", Auth-Type := LDAP
> ====================================================

  That isn't what you have in the file.  It's been modified and re-formatted.

> Debug output that closely do what I want. Ii is long because is showing on
> the same run four (4) tests.
> 1. Username/password combination found in LDAP but NOT in Wingroup.
> 2. Username/password combination not found in LDAP but in Wingroup
> 3. Username/password combination found in LDAP and in Wingroup
> 4. Username/password combination not found in LDAP and not in Wingroup

  If you understand what's going on, and don't invent new terminology, it's simple.  Just do this:

1) configure the ldap module.  ALL of it.  Including the groupmembership_attribute, groupmembership_filter, etc.

2) put this into the "users" file, at the TOP of the file:

DEFAULT	  LDAP-Group == "InternetAccess", Auth-Type := LDAP

3) be sure there's no "ldap" in the "authorize" section

4) be sure there's "Auth-Type LDAP" in the "authenticate" section

  Try to connect.  Users in the "InternetAccess" group will get authenticated.  But ONLY if their name and password is correct.

  Users NOT in the "InternetAccess" group will not get authenticated.

  It really is that easy.

  But you SHOULD NOT invent new terminology.  You MUST understand what the existing words mean.  You MUST describe what you want in simple, clear, terms.

   Alan DeKok.

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