Freeradius 3.0.8 Can't create UNIX socket and Too many open files

AleŇ° Rygl ales at
Wed Apr 29 10:51:17 CEST 2015


Hi Rui. 

The machine is running just MariaDB and FreeRADIUS and it
is dedicated to it. There is no authentication, the box processes just
accounting . There are no other processes that wopuld do either CPU or
IO intensive operations. There is 512MB controller cache with RAID 1+0
across 8 disks.IO consumes ~2% of CPU, userspace processes ~30%. It is a
test machine, I have a "production" one which is a bit more powerful. I
have tested the tuning script you have mentioned and it reports no
problems. What I can see now is that it is working fine just with one
flaw. The NAS reports periodical retransmissions in interval of 10min. I
think it is related to some internal DB processes because I have no
other jobs running every 10min. 

Radmin stats are IMHO good, FreeRADIUS
is running just couple of hours: 

radmin> show uptime
Up since Tue Apr
28 16:13:35 2015
radmin> stats client acct
requests 60456746
dup 1597
invalid 0
malformed 0
bad_authenticator 0
unknown_types 0
last_packet 1430296754
elapsed.1us 0
elapsed.100us 30699039
elapsed.1ms 27781039
elapsed.100ms 78127
elapsed.1s 3681
elapsed.10s 0

I am
also running 3.0.7 with different approach on production platform - I am
saving the acct data to the detail files first and there are detail file
readers pushing them to DB. It seems to be more resilient to DB load at
least with high packet rate. 


> Are you? Possibilities
of dedicating a standalone machine to freeradius,
> paravirtualization
of disk access in vmware environments, offloading syslog
> to other
servers, PARTITION or SHARDING, and you have not mentioned
innodb_file_per_table=1 which was made default only in recent
> Have also a look at this, [1] (I have
> an idea there is
a similar, more recent one, cannot find it atm).
> Of course, as Alan
says, all the best strategies start for not using the DB
> for certain
situations in the first place.
> If using AD for authentication, I
would have also a look at the recent
> developments of authenticating
directly against SAMBA >= 4.2.x
> Regards



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