Acct-Input-Octets attribute problem.

Murat AYDIN murat at
Thu Feb 12 21:09:43 CET 2015

Hi there,


Just starting use freeradius, on the freebsd - pfsense ( captiveportal ) -


On mysql radcheck table:

Expiration := 12 Feb 2015 19:39:00

Session-Timeout := 90 

Max-Daily-Session := 60    ,      About time limitation its ok , 


But, when i try use attribute for quota ( by Acct-Input-Octets ), its
nothing happend. 




I think this depend with description:  (Accounting-Request
<> )   - ( Radius
dont getting bandwith usage ) 

5.3.  Acct-Input-Octets

      This attribute indicates how many octets have been received from
      the port over the course of this service being provided, and can
      only be present in Accounting-Request
<>  records where
the Acct-
      Status-Type is set to Stop.






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