radwho gives an empty output

Mert Uzun uzunme at itu.edu.tr
Thu Feb 12 23:24:24 CET 2015

Hello to all,

First of all,before sending this message, I have read the previous  
ones about the same problem. As far as I can understand, we have to  
have our NAS to send accounting packets. Also, we need to uncomment  
sradutmp and radutmp in radiusd.conf to start processing of accouting  
packets. Additionally, we need freeradius -X command for  
troubleshooting. To sum up, these are the basic rules that I have got.

To mention my work detailly, on GNS3, I have one c7200 cisco router as  
NAS(for administration access to router only, not to provide an  
internet connection) and a freeradius server on ubuntu server 14.04. I  
configured my NAS to send accounting update per one minute. In  
/var/log/freeradius/radacct/(ip of the nas)/detail-(date), I can read  
a txt file where some accounting infos are written but when I issue  
"radwho" command, I can not see anything but the titles for  
non-written accounting details. I also issued freeradius -X command  
and got "ready to process request", my server can properly process  
authentication requests also.

However, I'm not completely unsuccessful to get any output from  
radwho. I had done some configurations on freeradius and managed to  
get proper outputs with radwho on the same topology and system.  
Unfortunately, my server got disfunctioned when I had tried to  
configure it for active directory authentication. I could only  
recovered it by re-installing then I lost and forgot what I did to use  

I can't remember what I did to get radwho output before I lost whole  
configuration and what I can't notice now.


Mert Uzun
Istanbul Technical University
Electrical Engineering 2nd Degree Undergraduate

Mert Uzun
Elektrik Mühendisliği Bölümü-2. Sınıf Öğrencisi

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