session log in SQL

Khapare Joshi khapare77 at
Tue Feb 17 15:05:56 CET 2015

Now its time to configure to log into SQL :) Until now we uses cisco
wireless controller and only allow two connection for all users.

I wanted to implement Simultaneous-user based in student and staff. and
want to use sql for it.

My users are authenticate against AD (samb +ntml_auth).

So here is what I did :

1. Created database radius.
2. Populated admin.sql into the mysql
3.  Populated schema.sql into the radius database
4. Enabled sql.conf in /etc/raddb/radius.conf
5.  Disabled radutmp and enabled sql in accounting section in
6.  So, added DEFAULT Simultaneous-Use := 2 in /etc/raddb/users file for
7. restarted radius - try logging few users

But I do not see any tables in radius database been updated.

I just wanted to use session for the simultaneous user for restrict user.
if this works then I can write regex to query LDAP if x is staff or student.

Point me if i am doing wrong or some docs where I can see more reading
reading reading.


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