questions about module rlm_perl

HAKNER J hak at
Sat Feb 21 05:46:42 CET 2015

Thanks for the reply!

The documentation for rlm_perl is a little light.  If the desire is to
deprecate the Check list, Perl's glob wildcarding mechanism can be used
to equate the two.  Such as Perl code *RAD_CHECK=*RAD_CONFIG.  It has been 
a long time since I did Perl/C interface code, but there should be an easy 
way to do this from C in rlm_perl.c that links the two so they are the same
actual hash.

So to summarize: the variable RAD_CHECK is read/write, but when one writes
to it from inside the Perl code, the effect is actually to modify/set
name-value pairs in the CONFIG list?

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