Freeradius reply to mikrotik for limitation bandwidth

Scott lambert at
Sun Feb 22 06:29:38 CET 2015

On 2/21/15 10:36 PM, Jellf Nainggolan wrote:
> Helo,
> I have a server freeradius for authentication users DHCP on my network.
> connection and dhcp server control by the mikrotik.
> now i can set IP for client base on freeradius reply. but i have a issue how to control users bandwidth.
> can we push mikrotik to create profiling for users with avp reply from radius?

Not that any of this is FreeRADIUS specific.  Further questions are 
probably better sent to a MikroTik oriented forum.  But this should get 
you on the right track.

You have a couple of options.  It comes down to if you want to use queue 
trees or simple queues.

Queue trees:  return a Mikrotik-Address-List attribute and mangle your 
traffic into the proper queues.

Simple Queues: Return Mikrotik-Rate-Limit attribute.

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