Why an access-request is sent before password entered?

Wang, Yu ywang10 at fsu.edu
Tue Feb 24 15:34:14 CET 2015

Maybe this RFC could help?


Yu Wang

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Subject: Why an access-request is sent before password entered?


I am trying to narrow down a problem. Not sure if this is the right forum but it's a good starting point.

The problem is that I see access-request sent to the FreeRadius server before the password is even entered in a SSH session. For example,

ssh user at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ### Problem: Press Enter here and access-request is sent.

Although once the password is entered, second request is sent and Radius server has no problem authenticating it.

I don't have a idea right now where to start to look at this time. Is it in sshd or pam-radius? Is it a configuration issue?

My set up is very standard on a Redhat 5.4 box with sshd and pam and pam-radius-auth module.


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