FreeRadius not linking with correct openssl library.

A Lee aganguly14 at
Wed Feb 25 06:12:06 CET 2015


Currently I am trying to build freeradius2.2.6. Now the issue is I am
running configure script with the options
--with-openssl-libraries=/path/to/local/ssl/libraries. Now while linking
the radius server binary is linking against the systems default shared
object library.

I am using RHEL6 64 bit but this comes with an openssl library that has
heartbleed bug. I have another copy of openssl src 0.9.8 and I am building
that src to generate the so and static libs. Now providing the paths to
those libraries while running configure script. but freeradius is not
linking against the provided libs.

>From the build output it is clear that path to the libraries are correctly
passed using -L flag to linker. Though the linking happens against system

Is this a known issue or is there any fix to it ?

Thanks and Regards.

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