Local user and LDAP

Manuel Izquierdo mizq14 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 12:28:45 CET 2015


I am new using freeradius.

I am trying to configure freeradius to authenticate with LDAP and it is working well. Also I want to use a local user in the users file to use from network manager server but this user must be authenticated in local and don´t go to the LDAP. 

This is my configuration:


authorize {	




admin Cleartext-Password := ¨setup¨
DEFAULT LDAP-GROUP == ¨Network-monitor”
DEFAULT 	Auth-Type = Local
			Fall-Through = yes

With this configuration always is working LDAP, if you do a debug using the local user I can see:

- [ files ] returns ok
- Now start again LDAP ?? …. WARNING: Auth-Type already set. Not setting to PAP
  Failed to authenticate the user

I don’t know why it trying using LDAP. Please, would you mind the simplest way to have a local user and LDAP working. If it is the local user don´t use LDAP or if LDAP not found the user user local file.


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