Question about EAP and creating/installing certificates from a MS 2008 CA server from Active Directory

Tim Reimers treimers at
Tue Jan 6 20:36:10 CET 2015

Hi everyone -

I'm looking for any tips from someone who has configured Freeradius 3.01 to use certificates created by a Microsoft 2008R2 CA server.

The documents I've found on certificates all seem to refer to a local CA server on the *nix box where Freeradius is,
and also refer (way too much in 2015) to Windows XP.

I'm trying to follow the guidelines here from way back in 2006, and getting some of the same issues someone else posted about,
where the certificate template isn't specified and causes the CA server to barf at importing the request.

Is there anyone who has documented their steps on setting up certificates from Centos/Freeradius to a Windows 2008 CA  ?

thanks, Tim
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