If statement regex match with multiple similar attributes

jberry at plus.net jberry at plus.net
Wed Jan 7 09:49:54 CET 2015

Hi there,

Freeradius version: 2.2.5

I have a question relating to how if statements applied to a packet are

I have a packet something like this (I¹ve snipped a load of stuff) that
contains 2 class attributes:

 Framed-Protocol = PPP
 Class = 0x5030323a3***************************************
 Class = 0x434653494421****************

I am trying to overwrite some attributes in the post-auth section based on
a Class attribute matching a given string being present. I can get this
working like so using a sting comparison on the hex:

 if( reply:Class =~ /^0x5030323a3/ ) {
   update reply {

What I can¹t get to work is making the if statement check the second Class
attribute (the one I actually want to check!). It is not feasible to
change the order they appear because of the complexity of the system (and
tbh I would probably not want to assume it would always be second). So if
I go with:

 if( reply:Class =~ /^0x434653494421/ ) {
   update reply {

The debug shows it trying and failing to match

 ++? if (reply:Class =~ /0x434653494421/ )
 ? Evaluating (reply:Class =~ /0x434653494421/) -> FALSE
 ++? if (reply:Class =~ /0x434653494421/ ) -> FALSE

Any ideas? I can¹t find anything in the docs or on google (mainly because
its a really hard search term)


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