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Fri Jan 9 10:36:42 CET 2015

Hi Lester,

I could swear MD5 is not supported in Windows, and in iPhones. Please have
a look at the matrix (I think
you already have it on another message).

I would leave MAC authorisation to the DHCP service (i.e. registering the
approved MACs and not allowing unknown MACs), and would do the
authentication of users with FreeRadius.

Here we are authenticating against an AD server.

Yo juraría que MD5 no es compatible con Windows , y con iPhones . Por favor
haz un vistazo a la matriz . (Creo
que ya la tienes en otro mensaje ) .

Yo dejaría la autorización MAC para el servicio DHCP (es decir, el registro
de los MACs aprobados y no permitiria los MAC desconocidos ) y haría de la
autenticación de usuarios con FreeRadius .

Aquí nosotros nos autentificamos con un servidor AD .

Rui Ribeiro

Rui Ribeiro
Senior Sysadm

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> Hola good morning have freeradiuses 2 . 1 . 12 on debian7 and by
> authenticating against MySql and have it to authenticate my users of the
> wireless nets. I have several TP,Link TL,WR642G router and have achieved
> that functions me but with several problems:
> 1-    The passwords in MySQL have to be in plane text because not
> authenticate
> 2-    Want that it could the encript password at least in MD5
> 3-    It is connect me well dispositive motives but have problems that
> many labtops are not connect me and when do a radtest with the user and
> it key responds me correct.
> 4-    Wanted that it checked me the MAC of the dispositive clients as
> well as putting you hourly in order that can connect  .
> It gives me a lot of taste is in being connected with this community.
> Waiting your help and thanks for all.
> Best regards
> Lester
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