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Marcelo Santoro at
Mon Jan 12 17:31:22 CET 2015

Alan… please… can you give me an example how to use:
> %sql{} stuff in a %{eval:} statement.


> if(%sql{}) statement

Tks so much friend.

Best Regards
Marcelo Santoro

> Em 12/01/2015, à(s) 13:27, A.L.M.Buxey at escreveu:
> Hi,
>> I am using the follow Post-Auth Command:
>>        update request {
>>                Tmp-Integer-0 := "%{sql: UPDATE acessos_clientes set con_id = (select con_id from concentradores where con_ip = '%{Nas-IP-Address}'), ace_last_ip = '%{reply:Framed-IP-Address}' where ace_login = '%{SQL-User-Name}'}"
>>        }
> so the UPDATE returns no Tmp-Integer-0 isnt set to anything...thus fails....
> so, a quick guess or can either wrap up the %sql{} stuff in a %{eval:} statement....or, you
> can change the thing....are you even using the Tmp-Integer-0 string? why are you updating the request?
> to be an 
> if(%sql{}) statement instead....  the SQL will be can then look at the result and work on that.
> running external script is extreme performance hit..running PERL not so..but still big hit
> alan
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