Accounting response with attributes

Chandan Kumar chandan.kumar at
Wed Jan 14 18:23:34 CET 2015

Hello All,

I am using FreeRADIUS Version 3.0.4 on Linux (CentOS 6).

I have a question regarding how can I force radius server to add all 
attribute information into accounting response message. The accounting 
section of my site-available/default if as below.

accounting {


I have customized the module to send Accounting 
request messages to include more attributes such as 
Acct-Terminate-Cause,Acct-Link-Count,Acc-authentic etc and expecting 
response from server with attribute [with reason code] at the end of the 
accounting [at the STOP message]. However, in all cases I am only 
getting response message with code,identifier,length=20 and 

I am wondering is there any configuration parameter that I missing or it 
is not supported at all in this version of FreeRADIUS as RFC does not 
make it mandatory. Quoting RFC "A RADIUS Accounting-Response is not 
required to have any attributes in it."


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