bizarre VMPS behaviour - different mac's being displayed - same switch, same client, different version of Freeradius

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at
Thu Jan 15 04:58:26 CET 2015

> On 15 Jan 2015, at 10:47, Keith Olsen <keith.r.olsen at> wrote:
> I just stood up Freeradius 3.0.4 on a Fedora system, and I have an older (2.1.12) one running on Ubuntu (doubt the OS makes any difference….)
> On the 3x system, I am using mysql to provide the mac to vlan information, while on the 2x system it’s the mac2vlan flat file. 

Yeah, likely a parse issue. I don't think anyone's tested VMPS with v3.0.x, and we certainly have no internal tests.

PCAP would be useful so it can be replayed against the server locally.


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