using external script in virtual server config

the2nd at the2nd at
Fri Jan 16 16:28:58 CET 2015

Hi list,

currently i'm using freeradius-2.2.5 with an external authentication 
script for clear-text and ntlm requests.

the setup is described here:

i have two questions regarding this setup.

1. for clear-text requests i always get "Auth: Invalid user: 
[heiko.baumann" on authentication failure. for ntlm request an "Auth: 
Login incorrect" is logged.
     i was using the script (exec) module before which logged "Auth: 
Login incorrect" on failure but i liked the idea of having the complete 
config in the virtual host file.
     i also tried to call my script from the authenticate section of my 
vhost but this was not working.

2. is it possible to call the script for ntlm/mschap authentication from 
the vhost config? currently its called from the mschap module.

both are just cosmetic issues but it would be great to have everything 
in on file. :)

also it would be great if someone with good freeradius skills could have 
a look at the example config because i'm not sure if its the best way to 
do external authentication with freeradius.


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