checkval module for calling-station-id & nasidentifier

Russell Mike radius.sir at
Tue Jan 20 12:37:29 CET 2015

Hi Friends,

is it possible to use checkval module for  Calling-Station-Id & nasidentifier
simultaneously ? i.e. i am already using calling-Station-Id attribute for
MAC authentication but i also need to use nas-identifier, to restrict a
user to specific NAS. Can i do the following?

*nano /etc/freeradius/modules/checkval*

checkval Calling-Station-Id {
        item-name = Calling-Station-Id
        check-name = Calling-Station-Id
        data-type = string
        notfound-reject = no

checkval nasidentifier {
      item-name = NAS-Identifier
        check-name = NAS-Identifier
       data-type = string
       notfound-reject = no

Thanks / --RM

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