Configure SQL to timeout requests rather than rejecting if no connections available

Noah Engelberth nengelberth at
Wed Jan 21 20:14:42 CET 2015

>   <sigh>  What I said was very clear.  I said to change ONE thing.  The PROXY.  I
> didn't say to revert a change.
I read your previous as "The issue is that you don't want to respond to the *client*.  You *do* want the virtual server to respond to the proxy."

This made me think: "The previous change I made to make the virtual server not respond in the case of SQL failing is causing the virtual server not to respond the proxy, so I must need to revert that change.  But I'm kind of confused on whether or not that's the correct course of action, so I'm going to request clarification before I make a change, since I don't have a working method of replicating this problem in my test environment right now because my test environment isn't set up to make 30+ RADIUS requests in a single second and resource exhaust my test RADIUS server."

I then read back through my previous postings and realized I hadn't included the original configuration, so I posted it in hopes that maybe my confusion was stemming from a mis-communication between us caused by my failure to initially supply all linformation.

>   If only there was a free "radius client" tool which would let you send test
> packets.
>   If only it was possible to create a test configuration *independent* of the
> live configuration, where test packets could be sent.
>   Yes, I find this frustrating.  I'm trying to help you, and you're making it as
> difficult as possible.

Ok, so it's apparent that I need to get an environment set up where I can get debug information for the situation.  The only reason for my previous comments was to exhaust all other options before I started doing that, because I expected it was going to take me a couple hours to either (1) set up my dev environment to generate a resource exhaustion scenario or (2) learn enough about how to use the radius client tool to simulate the same sort of setup.  

I do appreciate the effort you have put in and are continuing to put toward assisting me with my problem.  I'm disappointed by the nature of the response I got for trying to clarify things before I spent hours generating debug results, in case the confusion was stemming from something easily cleared up by me including information I originally left out.  I'll reply back after I'm able to generate the necessary debug logs.

Thank you,

Noah Engelberth
MetaLINK Technologies

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