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Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at freeradius.org
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> On 23 Jan 2015, at 15:01, Peter Lambrechtsen <peter at crypt.co.nz> wrote:
> Look at jradius or tinyradius as both are java clients.

FreeRADIUS server can be used to send Disconnect messages and COA-Requests
and can do retransmissions.

In v3.0.x HEAD we added the capability to send CoAs/DMs directly to a 
NAS using the control:Packet-Dst-IP-Address attribute, and to read CoAs
using the detail reader.

We also added the ability to define coa home servers using clients by 
adding a coa_server definition to the client section.

client test {
	ipddress =
	secret = testing123

	coa_server {

It means your Java application could write out CoA or DM packets in string
form to a flat file, and have FreeRADIUS handle the encoding, and 

The format would be:

Packet-Type = Disconnect-Request
User-Name = <user>
NAS-IP-Address = <ip address>
Acct-Session-ID = <acct session id>
<new line>

Then in the server you set: 

update control {
	Packet-Dst-IP-Address := &NAS-IP-Address

The detail reader now also marks up completed entries, so if the server 
restarts no duplicates are sent.


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