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> On 23 Jan 2015, at 23:53, Haviaras Kostas <koshalirod at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi
>> Which kind of user do you need to disconnect ? Hotspot user ? i user
>> CoovaChilli and deliver disconnection message on COA port of CoovaChilli
>> NAS using java application. it works fine. i am sorry if i did not
>> understand you.
>> Thanks / --RM
> Yes, I am trying to disconnect Hotspot user from Mikrotik! The syntax is
> the same with the disconnect request ???

If by Syntax you mean attributes, most NAS will work correctly with

Acct-Session-ID		# Identifies the session to make sure a retransmit doesn't disconnect the use again.
NAS-IP-Address		# Identifies the NAS to make sure the request wasn't routed incorrectly.
User-Name		# Identifies the User, to make it really unlikely that an old session id will accidentally disconnect a user

At least that's the rationale I assume most NAS vendors have behind choosing
those attributes. Really it's quite arbitrary, and you should consult your
vendor's documentation to be sure. 

You can thank the authors of RFC 3576 for the ambiguity.

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