Freeradius and Cisco PPP forwarding

James Bensley jwbensley at
Mon Jan 26 23:43:36 CET 2015

On 23 January 2015 at 15:03, Olivier CALVANO <o.calvano at> wrote:
> Hi
> i want create with my cisco router a L2TP/PPP proxy forwarder.
> I use Freeradius for auth/accounting and want sent by radius the
> final destination of the tunnel..
> Anyone have a configuration sample for freeradius ?
> thanks
> Olivier
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Hi Oliver,

You need to configure a RADIUS proxy to do this. I haven't got that
far yet, it's next on my list of things to lab. I've recently lab'ed
the stage before hand which is for a working LAC.

The LAC takes in PPP requests, queries a RADIUS server based on
incoming auth domain name, the RADIUS server returns the LNS/tunnel
end point details for that domain, the LAC established an L2TP tunnel
to the LNS returned from RADIUS and then the LNS makes a final auth
against the RADIUS server.

In my lab I used the same RADIUS server for both the LAC and LNS as I
wanted to work out the config required for the LAC. My next lab
excerise to work out the RADIUS config required to have seperate
RADIUS servers and have the LAC RADIUS server proxy requests to other
RADIUS servers based on a list of domain names. I guess that is what
you want. This might give you some insight though;


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