Unsupported Vendor Specific Attribute results in incorrect behavior of rc_avpair_gen()

Amol Lad Amol.Lad at 4rf.com
Tue Jan 27 03:43:49 CET 2015


I’m using freeradius client library 1.1.6 with radius server version 2.2.6.  The “users” file on server has an entry for user “abcd” as below:

abcd  Cleartext-Password := "xyz"
     Service-Type = Framed-Management,
    Management-Privilege-level  = 4,
    Vendor-Specific            = "14817",

The dictionary file on client does not have entry for Vendor-Specific attribute value “14817” so this is an unsupported vendor-specific attribute

I’ve found that if an unsupported Vendor-Specific attribute is last in the list of attributes then rc_avpair_gen function (avpair.c) returns NULL below:

Sendserver.c: rc_send_server: line 367
                if (length > 0) {
                                data->receive_pairs = rc_avpair_gen(rh, NULL, recv_auth->data,  ←- data->receive_pairs is NULL
                                    length, 0);
                } else {
                                data->receive_pairs = NULL;

The problem lies in rc_avpair_gen function. As Vendor-Specific is last and unsupported so “pair” will be NULL before below fragment returns

                if (attribute == PW_VENDOR_SPECIFIC) {
                                if (attrlen < 4) {
                                                rc_log(LOG_ERR, "rc_avpair_gen: received VSA "
                                                    "attribute with invalid length");
                                                goto shithappens;
                                memcpy(&lvalue, ptr, 4);
                                vendorpec = ntohl(lvalue);
                                if (rc_dict_getvend(rh, vendorpec) == NULL) {
                                                /* Warn and skip over the unknown VSA */
                                                rc_log(LOG_WARNING, "rc_avpair_gen: received VSA "
                                                    "attribute with unknown Vendor-Id %d", vendorpec);
                                                return pair; ←- This will be NULL
                                /* Process recursively */
                                return rc_avpair_gen(rh, pair, ptr + 4, attrlen - 4,

As a result, below fragment will return NULL as well. Thus recursion unwinds by returning “pair” NULL even if valid attributes are also present

                /* Advance to the next attribute and process recursively */
                if (length != attrlen) {
                                pair = rc_avpair_gen(rh, pair, ptr + attrlen, length - attrlen,
                                if (pair == NULL)  ←-- Recursion unwinds and all invocations return NULL
                                                return NULL;

Please advise how it can be addressed? Why is check [if (pair == NULL) return NULL;] needed above? Can’t we just continue with the function and return from the end of the function?


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