Failed to link to module 'rlm_exec': file not found

IT geek 31 itgeek31 at
Wed Mar 4 21:16:33 CET 2015

> I’d suggest asking the pkgsrc maintainer to:
> 1) upgrade to 2.2.6

I can jimmy pkgsrc to build 2.2.6.  I'm working on that now :-)

> 2) fix pkgsrc so that it works.

Okay.  Slightly facetious... I might as well ask Microsoft to make a secure
OS and Linus Torvalds not to be a verbally abusive a$$ :-)

> /usr/pkg/etc/raddb/modules/exec[24]: Failed to link to module 'rlm_exec':
> > file not found

  The file is not in a standard location.  Find out where it
> is, and fix that.

I've searched my (NetBSD) system and it doesn't find that file...
anywhere.  Can you give me some clues as to what it might be?  It's
probably part of a package I'm missing, which I'm more than happy to
compile/build/install to get....

>   Alan DeKok.

Thank you for getting back to me Alan :-)

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