Freeadius2 with EAP-TLS - cert not available on iOS 8.2

IT geek 31 itgeek31 at
Thu Mar 12 19:20:44 CET 2015

Hi Alan,

the Makefile that comes with FreeRADIUS already does that (creates a p12)
> i guess the issue might be that you didnt add the CA to your client. the
> apple configurator will do that for you - amnd set up things like RADIUS
> CN check/trust

On a normal install, the Makefile probably sorts it all out just fine.
However I'm installing from pkgsrc on NetBSD, and whoever cobbled it
together did an awful job.  It's been an absolute camel-ride to get this

To get my certificates working I had to use the certs/bootstrap, which
unfortunately for me did not create a .p12 for the client.  I definitely
did install the CA cert on my iOS device though.

All sorted now, thanks.


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