pre-proxy ?

Olivier CALVANO o.calvano at
Wed Mar 18 07:10:05 CET 2015


I am new in Freeradius and i am search a small help.

- I receive a Radius Access request of the radius of my supplier.
this Radius have the ip address

- Based on the realm, i forward the request to my customer.

i want add in the process a action before sent the request to my customer.

Actually i have:

in proxy.conf

home_server rad-auth-primaire-1.customer_realm.myrealm {
        type            = auth
        ipaddr          =
        port            = 1812
        secret          = password
        require_message_authenticator = yes
        response_window = 20
        zombie_period   = 40
        status_check    = status-server
        check_interval  = 20
        num_answers_to_alive = 3

home_server_pool pool-auth.customer_realm.myrealm {
        type = fail-over
        home_server = rad-auth-primaire-1.customer_realm.myrealm
        home_server = rad-auth-secondaire-1.customer_realm.myrealm

realm "~(customer_realm.myrealm)" {
        auth_pool = pool-auth.customer_realm.myrealm

i want add this action:

Before sent the access request to my customer, i want that my radius answer
to the
radius server of my supplier a Access-Accept with a:
    Tunnel-Server-Endpoint:0 = ""

With this information, my supplier sent the tunnel to, it's a
Cisco router, when i receive the tunnel he sent a access request to my
radius and i want that my radius forward the request to the radius server
of my customer with a :
    NAS-IP-Address =

It's possible ?

CPE Customer ==> My_Cisco_172.17.10.250 ==> Cisco of my Customer (replied
in radius tunnel end point)

I don't know what file i modify for this, policy.conf ? other ?

very very new ;=)

thanks for your help

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