sql or radtmp - which best?

Marcin marcin at nicram.net
Thu Mar 19 09:14:27 CET 2015

Hi, I starting with freeradius 2.4 with flat files. I've heard that
freeradius with flat files works faster than works with sql (postgres or
Which should i chose to accounting users, sql or files? maybye both?

In some documents I've read that accountigs should be stored with two
tables. one table to online sessions and second table to archive data, but
how to split it? In that case when client disconnects i should use two
questions to database with different tables, one to delete online sessions
and second to insert data to "archive" table.
but when we use database we should replicate data, how to synchronize

What are the best practices to store users, nas and accounting data, sql or

Marcin / nicraM

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