Access-Accept / Access-Reject based on LDAP Group & SSID

Matthew Newton mcn4 at
Tue Mar 24 16:22:49 CET 2015

Hi Ben,

On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 10:32:44PM +0100, Ben Humpert wrote:
> I actually did build 3.0.7 packages on a fresh Ubuntu Server 14.04
> using
> but it's the first time I built a package and I really don't know if I
> did everything right or missed something important. However, the
> packages are working well on my servers so if it's really that simple
> I could build and submit the latest stable to debian / ubuntu.

Yes, building the packages for your local system really is that
simple. Though submitting them to Debian likely won't be :)

Pretty much, as long as you've got the right build packages
installed, you can grab the FreeRADIUS source and do

  freeradius-server$ make deb

to build the packages.

You do of course need to make sure you rebuild if new security
related releases come out, as you won't get updates from the
Debian security repository. Thankfully, that's fairly rare.


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