"Best" authentication mechanisms for Wi-Fi

Ben Humpert ben at an3k.de
Wed May 6 10:04:03 CEST 2015

2015-05-06 9:47 GMT+02:00 Ben Humpert <ben at an3k.de>:
> 2015-05-05 11:12 GMT+02:00 Hoggins! <hoggins at wheres5.com>:
>> Hello list,
>> We're using FreeRADIUS to authenticate users to access our Wi-Fi. It
>> works very well.
>> The thing is : we use a mechanism that works perfectly for Android and
>> Linux (NetworkManager) clients, but some can't access it, due to
>> limitations. I'm thinking of some Windows flavors here.
>> We store our passwords hashed in a MySQL database, and recommend the
>> users to connect using "WPA2 Enterprise (802.11x) using TTLS method and
>> PAP for phase2.
> EAP-TTLS is not supported by Windows 7 or older. However, there is a
> "driver" for it from SecureW2 which was licensed under GPLv2 until
> version 4.1.0 (still available on the net) but I don't know if older
> systems than Windows 7 are supported.

I just checked the SecureW2 software and actually it is compatible
with XP, Vista and 7 and the license allows one to redistribute it. So
if you want it I'll send it to you (536 KB zip). This is the same
version which is still used (and sometimes provided) by plenty of
universities to provide EDUROAM access for their students.

If you instead want to buy it go
https://www.securew2.com/products/enterpriseclient/ but the latest
version doesn't support XP anymore.

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