RFC: voucherBox (autoprovisioned wifi vouchers)

Luigi Capriotti l.capriotti at tiscali.it
Fri May 15 15:40:58 CEST 2015

There are a few turnkey solutions for WiFi vouchers management, but I 
have not found a streamlined solution providing pure AAA services only.
What I mean is rely on a web auth authentication where FreeRADIUS acts 
as AAA server for voucher codes, and where provision of vouchers could 
be fully automated.
The scenario is a guest wifi hotspot where employees can obtain 
time-limited wifi vouchers to hand over to their for external guests, 
where expiration is calculated upon first use of the code.

As a result (although knowing very little of FreeRADIUS) I created 
"voucherbox", ie a SaaS application providing both a web frontend for 
voucher generation as well as AAA services to an external captive 
portal. I pushed on github the implementation walk-though (starting from 
zero and using Ubuntu), the required configuration files for both 
FreeRADIUS and Apache and a POC web interface for voucher auto-provision:


I would appreciate any constructive criticism from anyone with more 
experience in FreeRADIUS than me (most of the list subscribers I 
guess...), in a way to pinpoint the weaknesses or the unnecessary 
intricacies that I may have come up with.

Thanks a lot in advance
Luigi Capriotti

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