Simultaneous-Use in proxy

Renato Sousa rensousa at
Wed May 20 13:21:24 CEST 2015

>   Does the database contain information for the first user session?  If
> not, that's the problem.

>   Also check the attributes in the packets.  Does it look like the user is
> logging in via the SAME session?  i.e. Look at the two sessions.  Are the
> attributes identical (other than EAP-Message).  If so, then it looks like
> the user is logging into the same session, twice.  Which is allowed.
 The acctsessionid field is different for each session, so I think that the
user has opened two distinct sections.

  There's no debug message saying "This is why Simultaneous-Use is going
> wrong".  There ARE lots of debug messages showing what it's doing, and
> why.  You've got to read them, understand them, understand what the server
> is doing, and go on from there.
I know that! But how could have this line right ??? ;)

I tried to completely uninstall freeradius, reinstall and configure it
again. The problem still persists.
The radwho command is return the message "radwho: No configuration
information in radutmp section of radiusd.conf." This may be related to the

Best regards

Renato L. Sousa

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