Re: [ttls] <<< Unknown TLS version [length 0002]

gabriel_skupien gabriel_skupien at
Wed May 20 18:09:33 CEST 2015

> No.> >   But you're not saying what client you're using.  That would help.> >   

StrongsWAN xauth-eap with eap-ttls and eap-radius plugins.

FreeRADIUS works with ALL known EAP clients.  It *is* the standard in the>   RADIUS space.  OpenSSL is similarly the standard in the TLS space.> >   

If something doesn't work with FreeRADIUS and OpenSSL, my guess is:> > a) the client is broken> >

I am not sure about that but Strongswan eap-ttls seems to be rather mature.

 b) FreeRADIUS and/or OpenSSL weren't built with the required features>     e.g. an old OpenSSL library won't do TLS 1.2, because the code was>     written before the standard was finalized.> > 

Not possible.


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