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Hi Arran,

Thanks For your response.

Actually I tried with PEM format.It works fine.But the requirement is I need to conevert .pem to .pfx format and install only pfx format certificates

from free radius server side.so my query is free radius supports pfx format type of certificates or not??.If it supports then I want some suggestions

from you.

1.How to convert pem to pfx format.

2.How to install these pfx certificates on radius server side.

AndMy Radius server version is 2.2.3 and platform is x86.

Please Suggest me regarding these queries.


Convert them to pem, point the RADIUS server at them.

Arran Cudbard-Bell<a.cudbardb at freeradius.org>
FreeRADIUS development team

> On 21 May 2015, at 03:57, pavani<pavani.muthyala at redpinesignals.com>  wrote:
> Hi  All,
> Can any one tell me how to install certificates with pfx format On radius server side.for EAP-TLS mode.

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