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Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at
Fri May 29 06:01:20 CEST 2015

The freeradius-users mailing list is for users of the FreeRADIUS
server not Cistron's server, not other RADIUS servers.

Rules specifically for the users's list

* Describe the version of FreeRADIUS: In your message to the list,
always specify what version of FreeRADIUS you're talking about. If
you're running some other server than FreeRADIUS (like Cistron or
Livingston), you will be invited to eat your keyboard so you can't
post again.

* If you suspect a bug, attempt to reproduce it with the latest
release in the same major/minor version branch *before* posting it to
the mailing list. See for release

* Always include debug output: If you're experiencing an issue
configuring or running FreeRADIUS, always include the (appropriately
redacted) output of ``radiusd -X``, or ``radiusd -xx -l stdout -f`` if
you suspect threading issues.

General rules for all FreeRADIUS lists

* No HTML on the list. If you're using a mail program that is HTML
capable such as Netscape or Outlook, please turn HTML posting off. The
mail server will do its best to strip HTML and convert it to
plaintext, but it might not always do a good job. Many, many people on
the list have chosen to use mail programs that aren't HTML capable and
they can barely read your message -- it shows up as HTML junk. There
are a lot of webpages that can show you how.

* Learn how to Quote. When replying to a message, quote only the
relevant parts of the previous message, and reply below every quoted
part. Also make sure you have set the quoting character to "> " if
your mailer has such a setting (like Outlook). This is a non-HTML,
internet standard list -- things like "the original message is in blue
my answer is in red" don't work. In MS Outlook this is called
Internet-style quoting.

* Starting a new subject. When you start a new subject, don't do it by
replying to a previous message. Not even if you change the subject
header -- people use threaded mail readers, and even if you do change
the subject header it still looks like your message is part of the
discussion you are replying to. Simply start a new fresh message to
freeradius-devel at .

* Read the Netiquette. The netiquette has a few rules of behaviour
that are applicable to all means of electronic communication. The
netiquette is also known as RFC1855.

TL;DR - Reproduce bugs with latest release, Include version #, no
HTML, use radiusd -X, read the FAQ.


Arran Cudbard-Bell <a.cudbardb at>
FreeRADIUS development team

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