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>> I'm not sure what can be done about that, if anything, but at the very
>> least I would like to have a better understanding of what class of error
>> gets past a "radmin -e hup". Normally we would always test configuration
>> changes locally on the staging server, so that errors like the one above
>> shouldn't ever get pushed to a production system. But as you know,
>> eventually everything that can go wrong will go wrong ...
>   The check should really be without radmin.  Just stop the server and
> re-start it.

I would, but I have found another problem. We use user and group "radiusd". 
When I try to start radiusd with that user, the following happens:

$ /usr/sbin/radiusd -d /etc/raddb
radiusd: Cannot change ownership of log file /var/log/radius/radius.log: 
Operation not permitted

But the log file actually belongs to radiusd:

$ ll /var/log/radius/radius.log
-rw-r----- 1 radiusd radiusd 5322 29. Mai 15:03 /var/log/radius/radius.log

With strace I was able to see that the chown tries to set the user to UID 
0, i.e. root:

open("/var/log/radius/radius.log", O_WRONLY|O_CREAT|O_APPEND, 0640) = 3
chown("/var/log/radius/radius.log", 0, 95) = -1 EPERM (Operation not 
futex(0x3fc403c3a8, FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 2147483647) = 0
write(2, "radiusd: Cannot change ownership"..., 97radiusd: Cannot change 
ownership of log file /var/log/radius/radius.log: Operation not permitted
) = 97

I'm not clear why that happens. The code in mainconfig.c->switch_users() 
looks OK at first glance ... ideas?

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