IP Allocation FAILED : Best practice for inserting new IPs into mysql

Rod Elias rod at wgo.com.br
Fri Nov 6 12:16:17 CET 2015

Hi Sophie,

Please see the following link: https://gist.github.com/chapeupreto/109abbdd7b20c977dd58
It has an SQL query that shows the number of total and allocated IP addresses for each pool that exist in radippool table.

With that SQL query in mind, we defined a threshold value considering the total number of IP minus the number of allocated IP. This way, we have a script running in crontab that checks the result of that query and the threshold value and then triggers an e-mail and/or SMS warning about the running out of IP in the pools.

As for your second question, yes you can add more IP addresses into radippool without the need to stop the server.

Hope this helps you!

Best regards,

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Please find  attached a debug of 62 lines.

My ippool seems full:
[sqlippool] pool appears to be full
[sqlippool]     expand: IP Allocation FAILED from %{control:Pool-Name}   
(did %{Called-Station-Id} cli %{Calling-Station-Id} port %{NAS-Port} 
user %{User-Name}) -> IP Allocation FAILED from proximus-carli   (did 
proximus.trimbletl.com cli 32770XXXX port 29449 user 45486XXXXX)

How could I check if the ippool had run out of IPs or was close to?

I tried with these but clearly this was not good enough . Is there a 
better method of currently allocated addresses?
mysql> select count(*) from radippool where  username = '';
| count(*) |
|   383727 |

and with,
mysql> select count(*) from radippool where  expiry_time is NULL ;
| count(*) |
|   396466 |

I am surprised this filled up, because we don't have enough devices to 
fill up our IP space.
What could happen if NAS did not send back accounting stop packets?

Can I add more IP addresses into radippol with FreeRADIUS running, or 
should I shut down FreeRADIUS during this insert?

Kind regards,

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